Volkswagen Amarok

I am thinking about updating my Mitsubishi Triton 4X4. I have heard good things about the Volkswagen Amarok. Has anyone any thoughts or gossip about these vehicles?

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Recode Key

When I change the ignition switch in my 2005 impala, what all needs to be done.I was told it had to be coded or something. It has a 3.8 V6 automatic transmission?

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VZ Steering Wheel Problem

i have a 2005 vz exec sedan,steering wheel buttons not working,have tried a working wheel from another vz no go also swaped radio and spring.1 put my wheel in another vz and it works,any thouhts please.

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VP Commodore lights problem

Hi i have a 92 vp commodore.
When i press the brake pedal the headlights
and dashboard lights come on. Also, if i actually
turn the headlights on the tail lights are illuminated
as if the brakes were on, and pressing
the brake pedal makes no difference.
Any ideas?

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Ford Escape Battery Warning Light

Re Ford Escape battery warning light on and off-:
Question: Is there a test that can be done to determine whether its the battery or the alternator. I got a service manual that states that the front transmission will have to be removed so that the alternator can be got out. I'm trying to avoid that if possible even though it is the warn out part it's bloody expensive to do the job.

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VP Holden Problem

Hello Mr King
I just changed the dash in my VP holden ute from column shift to a floor shift. For some reason the car wont start all. It will, after sitting for a day, but will start for a second and stop.
I have sold the car and it gets delivered this weekend. im hoping you maybe able to help me? The only thing i can think is that when i have pulled the speedo out i may have the connections up the wrong way or in the wrong order. A little confused with what i have done wrong thanks for your time i appreciate it very much.
Yours sincerly
Mike walker

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Commodore Key Problem

I am having trouble with the key of my 99 vt commodore. I go to start the car , all the lights on the dash come on but when i go to crank it over there is no response at all. the car has a new battery so that not the problem ,I cant open the car or the boot on the car key remote would that be the problem? thanks BIGAL

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Imprezza Performance

Hi all,

I have a 1994 Subaru Impreza GX (hatchback) the primary purpose of the car is for family use, keeping this in mind, and that i am also under a super strict budget! can someone please advice what modification i should go for in terms of performance (it's only a 4cylinder if that info helps) thanks in advance!

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Corolla Hard to Start

Toyota corolla 1991 1.6 GL
the car starts first swing but after driving a short distance (10 km) and killing the engine it wont start, the engine swings as if the battery is flat, however after letting the car stand for an hour it takes first swing again??????we have reconditioned the carb and the starter and the battery shows full charge, we are ready to give up please advise

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VR Commodore Electrical Problems.

hey. im having some problems with my vr 1995 commodore its an auto. i just brought a new starter motor to replace the old one, nothing changed, i have all my lights and signals etc. the only problem im having is that when i try and turn it over to start nothing happens,all the acessories will pop up on the dash but it wont start, what should i look for? can anyone help me.

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