Astra Convertible Roof Problem

Hi Does anyone know how to open or close the roof maualy on a Holden Astra Convertable 2007?
Cheers Vickie

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Holden Barina Bonnet

Hi we have a sx1 Barina purchased 2005, the hood can't be opened! we pulled the handle under dash ....then put finger under hood to release .....cant open help..........

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Corolla Window Winder Handle

How do you remove rear window winder on a 98 corolla sedan ?.

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Mazda Tailgate Lock

Hi, i have a 2002 mazda tribute and the tailgate door doesn't lock with the remote, and I have to manually lock it with the car key. Can this be fixed by resetting?

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Corolla Window Winder

Does anybody know anyone who can fix a window winder on a Toyota Seca 87 model.

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Faded Paint

My car had hail damage a few years ago (and was repaired before I owned it). the paint originally was a metallic black. The roof seems to have faded rather badly, yet the rest of the car seems AOK. What would cause that?

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Commodore Roof Lining

Has anyone had any experience replacing roof lining? (I need to reline my lexcen/VP)...

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Insurance Smash Repairs

can you explain how the "new times & rates" constraint on the panel beating industry by insurance companies will affect the end consumer? As we all know, they already pressure repairers to fit second hand and non genuine parts to our almost new cars if we are unfortunate enough to have an accident, even if we insist on new parts. I'm now concerned we may have rushed shoddy repair work done now as well! and none of these cost cutting measures by the insurance industry seems to be filtering back to us by way of reduced premiums. Is this just another example of fatcat non productive insurance executives stuffing their pockets with our hard earned money?

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$ Panel Repair

Posted November 21st, 2007 by shelly in

* panel - smash and paint

Have a small dent and scratch on front of drivers door. Estimate is $450.00, no point putting through insurance for a 'my fault' claim. Repairer wants to paint door and front mud guard panel, as it is a silver, he says he has to do both panels. Does this sound like a fair price?

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