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Holden Barina Bonnet

Hi we have a sx1 Barina purchased 2005, the hood can't be opened! we pulled the handle under dash ....then put finger under hood to release .....cant open help..........

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Commodore power problem

I have a VX Commodore V8 2001 that has a problem with accelerating power. After about 10 min of driving or when the temp gauge reaches just under half way my car loses power and acceleration gets sluggish.Just to test it out i tried to do a burnout (with traction off power on) which did not work. The RPMs would not go past 2000 and so far i have tried injector cleaners and i always run 98 octane fuel.
Any help would b appreciated, thanks

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Corolla Window Winder Handle

How do you remove rear window winder on a 98 corolla sedan ?.

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LandRover Discovery

What would cause a landrover discovery 2002 series 2 V8 to lose all the coolant without evidence of leaking?

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Overheating VR/ Lexcen

I have a series 2 VR Commodore (toyota lexcen) ...it has a heating problem. The car was fine when the weather was cool, but when i get stuck at traffic lights for a while, or put my foot down for a bit, it starts getting very hot. I have noticed putting the air con on, makes it get hotter from the moment I turn it on. I have replaced the thermostat, and am considering replacing the radiator too. There are no leaks from the water pump or radiator, and I do not think it is a blown head gasket as there is no oil in the radiator water, and no sludge under the oil cap.

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VR Commodore/ Lexcen

I have a Toyota Lexen, (vr series 2. 11/94) The car starts fine when cold, but has trouble re-starting once its hot. It 'chuggs' after starting, and blows black smoke. Fuel consumption was up to 18 litres/100k's. After about 15-20 seconds it starts running fine. This problem was non stop before I replaced the fuel pressure regulator. Fuel consumption went down to 14 litres per 100k's, and the problem vanished for about two weeks. Now it is happening again, but NOT everey time like before. . I have replaced the map sensor, spark plugs, fuel filter,air filter, fuel pressure regulator, and am about to replace the fuel pump as well. It is costing me an absolute fortune buying all these things. please help!~

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Falcon Vacuum Leak

Friend's EF Falcon (4Lt 6cyl on duel petrol/LPG...impco) engine runs smoothly no overheating, but if you remove the oil-filler cap while engine is running the engine stalls. Have been told this is bad news normally (someone told me might indicate cracked head)....does this also apply to engine running on LPG ? also seems to be some hissing (vacuum/air leak?) coming from the hose on the ?PCV valve plugged into top of the rocker-cover....is this related? thanks for any input, cheers...Steve.

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