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What Car to buy?

Which peugeot car would be the better deal?
Hi there, just wanted a second opinion on whether to buy a (privately) used peugeot black 2007 307, 25000 kms, immaculate condition, leather interior OR a silver peugeot 2009 207 XT, 100 kms, still under warranty, glass roof (from a dealer). I trust the private seller - good local reputation. I trust the dealership. Both cars are going for about the same price. The 307 is auto sequential while the 207 is manual - but I've been taking manual lessons so could go either way. Which car would be the better deal? Any help would be appreciated :-) Thank you.

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What year is my car

I am looking for some advice on what the advertised year of a car should. ie if I have a car that has a QLD transport sticker that has the year of manufacture date on it as 2008, but the car was apparently registered in 2009 (although this date is not reflected anywhere on the sticker on the windscreen), should I advertise the car as a 2008 xxxx or a 2009 xxx and if I advertise it as a 2009 xxxx how does the buyer verify the year when the sticker on the windscreen indicates a different year? thx for any advice.....

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Gearbox Noises

My 2008 Toyota Yaris is making a strange niose when idling. It sounds like a disel, but when i put foot on clutch pedal it stops.
This car had a new clutch plate fitted at 3 months. The plate had white spots all over it and toyota dealer told me he had never seen one like it before.

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Statesman Electrics

Hi i have a 1997 VS Holden statesman,i'am having problems with the ignition,i can turn it on & all of the dash light's will appear & theres difinitely power there but it wont start.I turn the key to the off position & take the key out but the dash light's stay on so i have to disconnect the battery or it will go flat!we were starting it from the ignition fuse box using a piece of wire using 80 & 37 as our starting terminal.Theres difinitely power there but it wont start!plus the electric door locker/opener on the key is nolonger working,that is when this problem began..advice please if you can help..

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Oil Pressure Problem

Hi there, I have just rebuilt my motor ( commodore V6 Vn) and it has been running well for a little over a month. All of a sudden it has no oil pressure. I have chaged the oil pump,filter, added new oil and it still starts but still no oil pressure. Looking for some advise as to what to try next???? Thanks swampyjoe

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VP not starting

I have a VP Commodore that will start and run fine until you turn it off. Than it will not start could be for hours. I have changed the fuel pump fuel filters the battery and checked all plugs have spark. Do you think it would be the crank angle sensor. Is there a way to check.

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Service Price on Subaru Forrester

I just got my Subaru Forester serviced yesterday (125,000km), and they told me I needed to replace my timing belt (among many other things). On the bill, the quantity is listed as '3' for 'replace timing belt' (a rate of $74.50 x 3, resulting in $223.50 for the work and $129.95 for the actual belt). Does it sound as though I have been overcharged?

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