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VN Harmonic balance

Ive just changed my harmonic balancer on a 91 vn vacationer motor in a vr 94 ute after changing the harmonic balacer my car wont fire it just keeps turnig the motor .. how do i check the sensor if it works or what else could the proplem be??

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Hiace Hard to Start

Hi, I bought a 2005 hi ace, had it 2 days and the fuel pump went.
They fixed it but now, first thing in the morning, it starts fine, but if it sits for an hour or more has trouble starting. I took it back and they said they couldnt find anything wrong. It's still doing it and seems to be getting worse.

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Knocking Sound in Honda

I have a problem with my honda civic 1988 model. It has a knocking sound that is coming from the passenger side front, after being driven say a k or more, as you slow down. But at speed it doesnt happen. I thought it might be coming from the cv where it fits onto the diff auto section. What do you think? please help if you can.

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2004 Holden Astra Auto Fluid


I have a holden astra 2004 sedan with automatic transmission.
I need to know when to check the level of the fluid.
Is it when idling or not?
I know you are supposed to wait for a service for the mechanic to do this but it is below minimum when idling and perfect when not running??
I just want peace of mind and want to be sure that I wont damage my vehicle


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Pajero Power Problems

Hi I have a 1999 mitsabishi pajero escape. After about an 1hr driving at aprox 3000rpm it starts to surge. It loses power, I can't over take another vechile. When it's playing up if you try to excelerate it almost stops (stalls).I've had the air flow sensor,and fuel filter changed but it's still playing up.Could you please help me?

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Camira Electrical Problem

I have a 1988 camira 2 liter efi. Camira keeps blowing fuel pump fuses. Car will run and drive for a sort period. Tried changing the fuel pump relay switch.

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Smokey Econovan

hello, i need advice with my 98 ford econovan it's blowing blue/gray smoke(lots and lots)on start up first thing every morning but then its fine for the rest of the day no smoke at all. its only the medium wheel base not the maxi, 141,000 klm's ,i got it from the car auction last week. also put some "liquide molly" engine restore in it as it claims to restore the rings and stop smoking after 600kml's but i have only done 350klm's since putting it in and have seen little change looking at putting a thicker oil in to see if that helps. my local machenic thinks i will need to spend about $3000 on replacing the engine and i dont have that kind of money.the van runs realy well apart from the smoke on first startup. any adive on what i should do? how much to spend? and who to take it too? would be gratefully appreciated. thanks for taking the time.

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