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99 Commodore Cutting Out

Hi Mr king I have a 99 s2 commodore witch i am having trouble with. The car will start as normal and drive fine for about an hour then the motor will just die.I will leave it for about 2 to 4 minutes and it will start again but it will only run for about a minute and than stall again I have cleaned out the fuel tank and fitted a new fuel filter but didnt make any difference. I took out the cam angle sensor,it had a rusty type scale on it, cleaned and refitted it but didnt make any difference. So that leaves the crank sensor, any cules would be appreciated

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VR Commodore Electrical Problems.

hey. im having some problems with my vr 1995 commodore its an auto. i just brought a new starter motor to replace the old one, nothing changed, i have all my lights and signals etc. the only problem im having is that when i try and turn it over to start nothing happens,all the acessories will pop up on the dash but it wont start, what should i look for? can anyone help me.

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Noisy Commodore Motor

Hi Mr King, I have a 99 commodore s2. We have just moved from victoria to queensland and i towed my tandem trailer up with us with no problems. Two weeks later the car is making a humming noise witch seems to be coming from the motor.I have heard other commodoress making this same noise. Any clues on what it my be would be greatly apeceated.

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EF Fairmont rough idle

'96 EF fairmont. rough idling/loss of power. my boyfriend replaced my rocker cover gasket started it the next day. it sounded rough and had a small shudder. took it for a test drive and as i started to take off it suddenly dropped in power like it was going to stall and straight away it got a burst of power then drove lagging power. any idea's on wat it could be.

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Nissan Terrano

(Nissan Terrano R3M 1990 2.7 litre deisel Automatic) Are they a good car and do they have any problems to look out for or faults?I am thinking of buying one and would like to know should i?

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EL falcon Head Gasket

Hi anyone know what getting the head gasket done on EL Falcon 6 cylinder would cost

thanks in advance people

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Which Magna to buy

I am considering buying a Mitsubishi Magna as my first car. I would be looking at getting a auto wagon.
However I am not sure what model to buy, I would be using it for urban driving mainly. Probably its main use would be driving to UNI and back. I have read mixed reviews online of the early-mid nineties magnas. So I am unsure as to what to buy. I am aware of the early models having timing change issues, and problems in the automatic transmission system, but I do not know when/which models these are. I was thinking of a 1993 or a 1995 model. If someone could give me an idea about which magna wagon to go for, I would be greatly appreciative.


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