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Corolla Miss-fire

my vehicle is a toyota corrola seca 1993 model.when i pull off spark plug lead off cylinder 3 and contact it to an earth there is no spark jumping to the eath,therfore when it is connected to the spark plug the engine is miss firing. no voltage coming from only that lead. what could be the problem.

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Noise in Nubira

i have a 2001 daewoo nubira, there is a loud humming noise which appears to be coming from the back of the vehicle once it is warm and has been driving for a while and this noise only happens around the 60kmph mark? Please advise, am puzzled as to what the noise could be

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VR Commodore Power Steer Leak

Hi King of the Road

I have a 94 VR Commodore V6 Auto. The other morning I started the car to warm her up b4 I left for work and as I was approaching the car I noticed Power Steering Fluid on the drive way.....and Im thinking it could be the pump or a worn seal??....just wondering what I should be looking for etc etc

Thanks for your time


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Corolla Hard to Start

Toyota corolla 1991 1.6 GL
the car starts first swing but after driving a short distance (10 km) and killing the engine it wont start, the engine swings as if the battery is flat, however after letting the car stand for an hour it takes first swing again??????we have reconditioned the carb and the starter and the battery shows full charge, we are ready to give up please advise

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VR Commodore Problem

i have a 95 VR commodore its an auto and for a while its been playing up but today has been the worst .. it drives fine for a while and then all of a sudden it jerks like its going to stall but then comes good and then everynow and then it would just die completly but would start back up .. was like it just lost all reves .
but yesterday in an the middle of an extremly busy intersection it stopped dead and the steering and brakes locked up and i couldnt get it to start .. it took me five goes at trying to get it to kick over .. it ran fine all the rest of the day so i didnt think much more of it .. today it ran fine all day till late in the arvo . started up fine no problems drove off and it jerked a bit and came good .. went through and interesction jerked again but kept going and then stopped dead same thing as yesterday no brakes no steering and took for ever to start .. .. got it going drove less than a block same thing stopped dead .. did this 5 times before i made it home .. my mechanic came and looked at it and hasnt a clue what is going on .. ive had it recently serviced .. and a few things replaced . crank angle sensor oxygen sensor , oils sensor , new fuel filter and pump , new batt and altinater .. any idea whats going on ?? im at my wits end with my car but i love it to bits and dont wanna loose it either ..

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Suzuki Swift Poor Idle.

Hi King of the Road,

I own a manual 2005 Suzuki Swift. I'm having problems with the idling. It drives fine. But I find that when I'm sitting in traffic, the idle fluctuates between 3/4's too about 1/4. On the odd rare occasion it has almost stalled and I have had to rev it to bring the idle back up.

The fluctuation also happens when I have to brake to a stop too quickly. I took it to a new mechanic, we thought it may be the cruise control as the cable was a bit tighter than it should have been. So we unplugged it and I drove around for a few weeks (with the cruise control unplugged) but the car behaved the same way. The warranty is over. Since all the new cars are computerised, I'm not able to adjust anything under the bonnet.
Can you or anyone else suggest anything more for me to have the mechanic look at or try?


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Toyota Engine Swap

G'day. I ve got a 1993 Toyota 4Runner sr5 limited edition(import),V6 3VZE petrol auto With overdrive and have got a cracked head. Our local can put in a japanese low kms engine, but im fairly reluctant to go with the 3vze again, its been a difficult engine to the say the least. So ive been offered a 1991 lexus v8 UZFE with 150,000 on the clock,it comes with gearbox, wiring loom and ecu, complete front cut. Marks Adapters doesnt do a conversion for the toyota autos so its convenient the lexus has the box with it.I also have a 92toyota manual gearbox for it. My local guy reckons its a really expensive and massive mission when considering engine mounts and wiring up. Would i need a conversion or adaptation for the transfer case? Is it worth undertaking? Its been of the road for months and i wanna make a good decision before i commit. WHATS YOUR ADVICE?

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