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Mitsubishi Lancer Problem

My automatic mitsubishi lancer 94 model will turn over, catch on for a few seconds (if i have my foot on the accellerator) then dies. It has always done this when cold but i noticed it worsening over the last month when starting untill one day it just conked out after a 45min drive. I have not been able to get it to stay running since then, and I have recharged the battery.... please help.

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VT Commodore Problem

Hello Mr King, I have a 99 commodore and had a mechanic look into a problem I had with the motor. It was starting and then stalling. He said I needed a new fuel pump.I replaced just the pump not the whole unit. The problem I now have is the car will run fine on a full tank of fuel but when it gets down to quartar of a tank it starts stalling, mainly when you are going around a tight corner or a round about. I think i have a vacume leek as well. What is the best way to test for that? thanks allways BigAl

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Ford Festiva Starts then Stops

Hi there, I have a ford festiva. I put fuel injection cleaner in and think i put too much in. The car was not used for 5 weeks. I went to use it on the the weekend and the engine starts and then it stops!!I have replaced spark plugs, put a new fuel filter in, and new fuel.

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Pontiac Engine Miss

Good day. I own a 1994 Pontiac Trans Sport SE with the 3800/3.8l V6 engine. Two days ago it started cutting out under acceleration. It starts fine and idles well but for some reason it dies around 2000 rpm. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I already changed the fuel filter.

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VT Commodore Brake Problem

Hi, am driving a 99 VT Commodore. Was driving the other day and it started making a noise as though there was a flat tyre. Checked all tyres and no flat, when i started the car again the brake warning light was on, (handbrake was off). Pulled handbrake on and off a couple of times and worked brake pedal, and after about 30 seconds the brake light went off. Continued driving for about 3 more km's with the same noise then the brake pedal became spongy, to the point where it had to be pushed to the floor to apply any braking pressure, pulled over again and checked brake fluid, and decided to let it cool down for a while. During that time the brake pedal became stiff and would not move at all. After 30mins, started car again and pedal was back to normal and noise was gone.
Have had all four wheels off and checked pads and rotors and all looks good.
Could it be a handbrake problem or maybe a booster?
Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.

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Hiace cant get into Drive

Toyota hiace 2005, wont shift into drive unless
shift lock button is pressed and brake lights
arent working.

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Hyundai Excel Rear Shocks

Hi, I have a 1998 Hyundai Excel sprint. The rear shockers are dead.

Will I need spring compessors If I change them them myself please?

Thanks in advance.

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