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Noise on turns.

I have a 10yo 5 series BMW. The disc rotors were replaced approx 10,000 km ago.
When I turn a corner to the right at 60kph or faster, there is an reverberating noise, slight vibration coming from the front right hand side of the car. It can be felt through the steering wheel and on the floor. What could it be?

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Car heat and smoke

Recently I have noticed my car's temperature guage goes up to half way when I am sitting in very heavy traffic. The other day, I noticed smoke (or steam - but I smelled something burning when I put my head out the window) coming out of the bonnet, but when I checked the water level later that day it was fine. I drive a 1991 Toyota Paseo.

Two questions:
1/ What should the temperature be when sitting in traffic
2/What could have been burning? An oil leak? Should I go to a mechanic?

Ta for your help.

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Ethanol in my fuel

Is the new ethanol fuel I can buy at Shell bad for my car? I used it the other day and it seemed to get much better fuel economy, but my friend says it will destroy my engine.

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BMW timing belt

We have a 1997 BMW 318i - 1.9L motor - has 110K on it. Does this have a timing belt? I was told that it may have a chain? When do these need changing?


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Unhappy with repairer

How do I find advice about what to do if I am not happy about the repairs to my car?

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car warranty 1

If my local mechanic services my car, will my new car warranty be effected?

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