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2001 Astra Fan Problem and Overheating

Holden astra 2001 ts city,recently radiator cooling fan was staying on for a minute or so after turning ignition off. Now fans are not working and engine is over heating. I checked fuses, is there anything else i can do? Thanks Moreno

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EL Falcon Engine Miss

Hi guys, I just bought a 1997 EL falcon on the cheap. It drove for about 3 ks missing and back firing under exceleration. When i hit the 100k sign, i put the foot down and it just cut out and rolled to a stop ? its not on gas and appears to be in good nick with reasonable service history. any help would be appreciated.

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Hyundai Accent

I have just purchsed a 2006 Hyundai Accent (manual) so far I am happy with it although when I drove it home for the first time on the freeway in fifth gear on 100/110km the car was reving quite high like it needed to change into another gear.

Is this a problem and can it be fixed easily. I am concerned as it may use excess fuel whilst the revs are high thus defeating the purpose of buying the car for its fuel effiency.

Any advice would be appreciated thank you

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VP Holden Problem

Hello Mr King
I just changed the dash in my VP holden ute from column shift to a floor shift. For some reason the car wont start all. It will, after sitting for a day, but will start for a second and stop.
I have sold the car and it gets delivered this weekend. im hoping you maybe able to help me? The only thing i can think is that when i have pulled the speedo out i may have the connections up the wrong way or in the wrong order. A little confused with what i have done wrong thanks for your time i appreciate it very much.
Yours sincerly
Mike walker

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VT Commodore Oil Presure

Hello Mr King 99 vt commodore oil pump problem, took car for a run the other day,drove about 40 ks and the oil light came on and the engine started tapping and it lost power. I turned the car off and let it cool down for an hour and a half started it back up and drove home with no problems did an oil change the next day but has made no diference. What should i be checking first. thanks BIG AL

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Commodore Key Problem

I am having trouble with the key of my 99 vt commodore. I go to start the car , all the lights on the dash come on but when i go to crank it over there is no response at all. the car has a new battery so that not the problem ,I cant open the car or the boot on the car key remote would that be the problem? thanks BIGAL

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Imprezza Performance

Hi all,

I have a 1994 Subaru Impreza GX (hatchback) the primary purpose of the car is for family use, keeping this in mind, and that i am also under a super strict budget! can someone please advice what modification i should go for in terms of performance (it's only a 4cylinder if that info helps) thanks in advance!

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