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Landcruiser problem

We have a 1988 toyota landcruiser that is misfiring. i have checked the valves - all ok. Listened with screwdriver on second injector and is making a taping noise. Is it a faulty injector or worse (a piston or bearing)?

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Brake Shoe Retaining Pins and Washers

hi can any one help me i have a bedford cf 280 1981 w reg, 2.3l petrol.
i need brake retaining pins with washers and springs for holding the brake shoes on does anyone know where i can get these?? or can i use ones out of another type car or van if so can any one tell me what i can use???? please help,
i have already tried adrian bailey classics, and the bedford cf website

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Problem with VS II Statesman

There's a problem with my '98 V6 VSII Statesman & i just dont know exactly what is wrong!! I've replaced the spark plugs, ignition leads, oil filter, fuel filter, fuel pump, middle & rear exhausts plus the gasket in between & am now thinking maybe head gaskets? If any1 has or had this problem & could help out i'd really appreciate thnx??

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Cavalier noise

2001 Chevy Cavalier. loud knocking noise when you turn to the right. Replaced CV axle,Wheel bearing hub assembly. Tie rods,ball joints seem OK. WHat else could it be?

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VP Commodore cuts out

i have 1992 vp commodore wagon,have recently had battery problem which has now been fixed.my problem at this point is that when travelling at 100km an hour on freeway car is going fine then it wants to die and when you come to a stop turn the engine off completely give it a couple of seconds its goes again,could this be a fuel pump problem,like its starving for fuel,or could it be fuel filter kind regards peter

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Lancer Problem

Hi here is something to think about, hope you can help.
I have a 94 two door lancer 1.5L with a carby.
It starts first time every time, blows no smoke and has
plenty of power.
If i park it nose down on a hill for any more than half
an hour the cylinders all fill up and the spark plugs
have to be removed to blow out the liquid.
They fill up enough to cause the engine not to be able to
turn over. Its pretty black liquid but quite thin(fuel i think).
After refiting the plugs and getting it to fire, it blows
plumes of white smoke for around 10km untill it returns to
its normal mild mannerd self. Latley is has developed a
ocasional preignition problem when you turn the key off.
The only modification i can see is the extractors that
someone has fitted.

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Odd Noise in Toyota

Hi All :)

I was hoping I could pick your brains about a problem i'm having with my car. I don't have a mechanical bone in my body but i'll try to describe my problem best I can.

I drive a 2005 Toyota hatch. Recently it has been making the strangest "WHU WHU WHU WHU" grinding noise when I brake and sometimes when I turn left. The noise only happens on the left front side of the car. It also seems to only happen when the car is warm. The noise is at its worst when i come to a rapid stop - not an emergency stop - but when I slow down too quickly.
Passengers in the front seat have mentioned that they feel a slight vibration beneath their feet every time the noise happens. It also seems to get louder and more grindy the longer the cars has been running. I recently took it to a mechanic who told me there was nothing wrong and changed the brake pads. The noise disappeared for about 6 weeks and it’s back again. Any ideas as to what might be causing the noise?

Thank you

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