Nissan Navara Cylinder Head Torque Settings

jeremy asks:


Hi, does anyone know the torque settings for a head gasket on a nissian nivara 1990 2.7 diesel.


The torque settings for the Navara are to be done in three steps.
First step at 40-44 Nm
Second step at 54-59 Nm
Final step is an additional 80-100 degree turn on the head bolts.
Do make sure the bolt washers have a little oil on them, and the threads are clean.

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special tool

When it comes to the final step, the additional 80, to 100 degrees, You can buy a "degree wheel" from your tool supplier or Spare Parts store, which can fit onto your tension wrench to make it more accurate.

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Yeah,But what are the major

Yeah,But what are the major remedy for it? And what are the consequences if not done correctly?

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