Mystery Water Loss

rhi2012 asks:


i replaced my radiator not long ago,today my radiator was empty i filled it then i noticed i had a leak as i had to keep filling it up,around the water pump is dry and water is not coming from there,water is leaking onto the sump what could it be?


Water is getting into the sump?
You quite possibly have a cracked head or engine block, a head gasket problem, or a manifold gaskett problem.
Perhaps your mechanic should look into the problem.

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Water Leak

Could be a Leaking water tap Valve? Have you bothered to water pressure test the cooling system at all?

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You said "water is leaking

You said "water is leaking ON to the sump.."
Is this water going IN to the sump?
Or is it running down the engine block and ON to the outside of the sump.

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