VT Commodore Engine problem

daniel_8 asks:


i have a 98 vt commordore acclaim and its running rough when i rev it and let go it goes to stall but dosent and when i put it into drive or reverse it has no power. sometimes it dosent reverse and its getting worse everytime i drive it. i have bought new spark plugs, leads, fuel pump, fuel filter, air flow meter, coil packs and ive cleaned the injectors. can u help me?


Taking into account what you have already done, i would recommend you double check the firing order for the spark plugs.
It is not logical to just change everything because the item "might" be faulty. It is best to find the fault and fix it.
Start with the firing order at the coil packs.
Then test fuel pressure.
Have the injectors been flow tested?
Try these tests for a start.

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