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Hi King , mate I have a 98 Vt V6 3.8 wagon , I've only had for a little while and I did an oil change about a fortnight or so , There was a rattle last Thursday morning start up for about 2-3 seconds . I had a look and the oil level was fine but I had a coolant leak coming from timing cover which I rectified on the weekend , I also changed the oil again on the weekend just incase fluid got in the sump . Drove around 25K's this morning and not a problem . Started up to come back home and the oil light came on and won't go off as well as she idles higher on the start up than normal and sounds like there isn't enough oil going through the motor . I'm going to change the filter and take the sender out to see if there is pressure and if not drop the sump and oil pump to look for sludge , anything else it might have to look for there Champ . Thanks Geoff


Geoff, you sound like you know your car prety well.
Check oil pressure with a proper guage, and if its low, you will probably have some operating to do.
If it OK, you should fit a new oil pressure sender unit.
My only worry is the "rattle" you mentioned.
Rattles dont often "heal"

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