Landcruiser problem

skook asks:


We have a 1988 toyota landcruiser that is misfiring. i have checked the valves - all ok. Listened with screwdriver on second injector and is making a taping noise. Is it a faulty injector or worse (a piston or bearing)?


Injectors do make tapping, clicking, sounds.
Does it sound different to the other injectors?
I would check the compressions, then assume injectors or fuel pump are the problem.

Check the compressions and maybe swap spark plugs to see if the "engine miss" moves to another cylinder. If the "miss" moves, the spark plugs are faulty.
If compression is bad, that is the problem.

Good compression? Then check spark plugs, ignition leads, distributor cap, fuel injectors, rotor button, dist. cap and coil.

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