Corolla Hard to Start

charl wakeham asks:


Toyota corolla 1991 1.6 GL
the car starts first swing but after driving a short distance (10 km) and killing the engine it wont start, the engine swings as if the battery is flat, however after letting the car stand for an hour it takes first swing again??????we have reconditioned the carb and the starter and the battery shows full charge, we are ready to give up please advise


Before replacing any expensive components, check the important basics.
Are the battery terminals clean and tight?
Earth cable to chassis or engine secure/ clean/ tight?
Have the battery "load tested" by an auto electrician.
When it finally does start, does it run fine, or roughly?

The auto-elec who reconditioned the starter should be shown the problem, in case he has a warranty problem to deal with.

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