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Contaminated Engine Oil

Does coolant/ anti-freeze in the oil always indicate a head gasket problem?

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ABS Light Problem

My ABS light came on so i turned car off and turned it back on. ABS light stayed on again so i turned car off and turned it back on. The ABS light went away. But now the car does not stop immediately it keeps rolling. I can kind of hear the brakes grinding again. I got brake pads and rotors changed 2 months ago but not the wheel cylinders as they also needed to b changed. Now the Brake pedal gets stuck. What would b wrong and how can i get it fixed? plz help.

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Ford Escape Battery Warning Light

Re Ford Escape battery warning light on and off-:
Question: Is there a test that can be done to determine whether its the battery or the alternator. I got a service manual that states that the front transmission will have to be removed so that the alternator can be got out. I'm trying to avoid that if possible even though it is the warn out part it's bloody expensive to do the job.

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Noisy Ford Taurus Engine

I have a 2004 ford taurus ses with a v6 3.0 engine that has a ticking noise on the backside of the engine.

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Ford Escape Battery warning light

I have a 2004 Ford Escape.The battery light keep going on and off. I had the battery checked by 2 place with one saying it's the battery and the other saying it's not the battery. Can you suggest any way to find out what is happening.

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VT oil pressure

Hi King , mate I have a 98 Vt V6 3.8 wagon , I've only had for a little while and I did an oil change about a fortnight or so , There was a rattle last Thursday morning start up for about 2-3 seconds . I had a look and the oil level was fine but I had a coolant leak coming from timing cover which I rectified on the weekend , I also changed the oil again on the weekend just incase fluid got in the sump . Drove around 25K's this morning and not a problem . Started up to come back home and the oil light came on and won't go off as well as she idles higher on the start up than normal and sounds like there isn't enough oil going through the motor . I'm going to change the filter and take the sender out to see if there is pressure and if not drop the sump and oil pump to look for sludge , anything else it might have to look for there Champ . Thanks Geoff

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